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leisures humour


Life:game of luck

It serves as my diary which is online that includes travel, experience, love and current events.

La vie en france

Started a new life in france on 23rd february 2007. this blog is specially dedicated to our families and friends who miss us

Gesundheit institute 2

Laughter is contagious

Sounds interesting..

About things that make our life interesting, challenging, and more fun to live... about our experiences with art of living courses, about guruji (h.h. sri sri ravi shankar), about music and food ...

The gay virgin fables

A 21 year old gay virgin, threading his way through promiscuous gaydom in search of mr right. with the help of his faithful fag hags, he questions the workings of gaydom and how he fits in it.

Life is full of wonders

I'm known as keong - an ordinary citizen of a country run by a bunch of clowns and retards. are we running out of good, capable, non-corrupted and non-discriminated leaders?

Yinsi yat

Welcome to my blog.


Welcome to my blog. hope you like this blog and do come back more often.

Doug's republic

The frontier for doug knell's unique state of mind

The inner self

Discovering innerself and exploring the truth behind laws of attraction and imaginations.