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The Origin of styled furniture came from Egyptian Art that was inspired by the diverse Gods; then the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age (-50 before JC) with the celts... The Hand-Made techniques making furniture and houses started to be imposing from Antiquity to the Middle Age.

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Hot bikini 2011

Hot bikini 2011 ***

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Body painting gallery

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Upper-class cars and very luxurious

Upper-class cars and very luxurious

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Subang jaya daily photo blog

It's a website featuring daily photos of the city where i live, it's people and their lives.

Ahmed al-sabbagh

Ahmed al-sabbagh

Personla blog for politics, arts, islam... some notes about my daily life my photo album

High school musical

All about high school musical

My handicraft

My handicraft

Crochet, knitting, quilt