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Cattery persians & exotics cats lyukorn

Persians and exotics cats colors becolor, van, solid. persians and exotics kittens for sale.


This is a site for my dogs, belgian shepherds groenendael. here you can find a lot of photos from my dogs, agility competitions, dog shows, our vacations etc etc. enjoy !

Jelliebeans persian cats and kittens

photos of beautiful c.f.a persian cats and kittens . specializing in bi-colors , solid colors including copper eyed , blue eyed , & odd eyed white persians.

Saluki kennel al nafiseh

Saluki kennel al nafiseh

Kennel breeding program is focused on breeding healthy dogs with stable psyche and working qualities.

Dobermann kennel

Puppies and adult dobremans for sale

The russian site of amateurs of devon rex

The russian site of amateurs of devon rex

History of breed. the standard of breed. catteries. kittens. links. the guest book. forum.

Pinoy pet finder

Here you will find articles and information about pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils and mice as well as adverts from pet breeders offering pets for sale, ...

Kuunsirpin belgian shepherd tervueren

Kuunsirpin belgian shepherd tervueren

Breeding of belgian shepherd tervuerens, since 1991.

Great danes of somogy gyöngye kennel

We breed black & harlequin great danes - lets see our website and enjoy!

Kimburu - bengal & sokoke

Breeder of beautiful bengals with type, extreme contrasts and extreme pattern flow and the unique sokoke cat