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religion and spirituality

All about the truth and testimony of faith.

Shalat malam **
"dan, pada sebahagian malam hari salat tahajudlah kamu sebagai suatu ibadah tambahan bagimu, mudah-mudahan tuhan-mu mengangkat kamu ke tempat yang terpuji." (al-israa': 79).

The life church and missions *
God is alive. he loves us and has never depart from us. yet, few know him. this result in endless suffering, agony, frustration, etc. we'd left his protection and are all bound by a powerful, ...

This burning fire
A new blog of someone that lives in this burning fire that is the love of god.

New covenant church of god
Database of articles on the messianic evangelical faith

Loving the mud
The mudpreacher is all about the living word of god as applied to hunks of mud. it is all about god and his working in this world.

Christ life church of penang
A website where the word of god is shared.

Dunamis international mission
It is a non-denomination and independent christian charitable mission which is focused children , youths , widows & churches .

Dynamic evangelistic miracle outreach ministry
Welcome to dynamic evangelistic miracle outreach ministry website & mount sinai deliverance prayer fellowship . our end time dynamic evangelist is propagating the good news of the gospel and ...

Tyler memorial united methodist church
The people of tyler memorial united methodist church are dedicated to bringing the love of god to the chillicothe area. we invite you to join us each sunday as we learn more about our world, ...
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