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This site is provided by the group from the USA known as the 13th Floor Elevators who invented PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC and is the original band that introduced a new genre of music to the world that changed the face of music history forever. This band was the voice of a generation during the era of hippies and peace and love. The purpose is to perpetuate the legacy of the 13th Floor Elevators.

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The legend of koesplus **

Mengenang sang legendaris koesplus

Musil bae lah

Musil bae lah **

Free download music mp3, wma, wav and other

Get spysical,spiritual,eternal pleasures


Whenever you feel bored, worried, come and listen your favorite spiritual, traditional songs, music albums etc and get physically, spiritually, eternally bliss, happiness, peace and pleasure.

Tyana's blog

Tyana's blog *

All about korean and japanese lyrics

Geert's ave maria pages

Geert's ave maria pages *

Thousands of ave maria songs with scores to download, midi, mp3 and video.

World of soundtrack

World of soundtrack *

Soundtracks all around the world...


Live concert bootlegs and roio

Born again 80's

Born again 80's

80's music re-imagined & revisited

Dark, doom, gothic metal

Everythin, about dark metal, doom metal, and gothic metal releases !!!!!!!



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