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Blues - the art of sound ®

Blues - the art of sound ®

Muzica blues este un gen muzical vocal şi instrumental, derivat din cântecele de lucru (work songs) şi gospel ale populaţiei afro-americane

Nova guinea group

Welcome to nova guinea group



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Radio 333 sw

Radio 333 sw

Divulge hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal and extreme metal meterial to be anylized.

Skat rock music

Rock music skat, music band from czech republic

The aussie music blog

Classic and rare australian popular music from the 1950's, 1960's. 1970's and beyond..including rock and roll, pop, beat, rock, surf and progressive, plus contemporary artists, new releases, ...

This jukebox rocks

Your free collectors guide to the essential and recommended albums to have in your collection - vintage rock , rock and roll, rockabilly, jazz, blues, country, soul, classic sixties, ...

Vintage pop songs

Read musician biographies and listen to vintage recordings of their songs of the 20 & 30s

Last circle rock and emotion

Last circle is a belgian rockband created in april 2011. 2 albums : "the sense of moments" , released in may 2013, and "get inside", in december 2015. its music is described as evocative (70 and ...