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Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) has been delivering international-standard healthcare from Beijing, China since 1995. Since that time, BPIH has kept its lead in Beijing, and today works even harder to develop Tomorrow’s Health Care, and provide it to our patients, today.

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Rhein-valley hospital news

Rhein-valley hospital news

Daily blog with news and pictures supplied by the crew of the rhein-valley hospital in nakuru/kasambara in kenya.

Ifrsud curup

Ifrsud curup

Be the best for public service

Us hopsitals

It is all information about the hospitals in us. in us there are many hospitals and clinic so list of all is presented here.


Beijing puhua international hospital (bpih) has been delivering international-standard healthcare from beijing, china since 1995. since that time, bpih has kept its lead in beijing, and today ...

Digital health alliance

This is a social platform of different professionals whose work together makes life and health lovely. we have a team of medical practitioners pharmacist nurses psychologist and social ...