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I love promoting the Authors out there! I love different genres,but my favorites would be Romance of any kind and of course that includes some erotica! I have my Favorite Book Boyfriends and enjoy sharing. Nothing beats being able to open a book and escape into a world that is so unlike my own. I try to share totally free e-books, or Kindle Unlimited and Giveaways!

leisures alive history


History world war 2

History world war 2 *

The original site of great war images. especially of world war two. each image has a story to tell.


Nice to share my life with you.



G@ttogiallo's point of view on arts, lifestyle, music, photography, politics, humour, curiosities, paris, griset...

The sunrise

The sunrise is a moment with my angel.... in this blog, i will share with you the many heavenly bugshots of sunrises as witnessed from around the philippines and in different parts of the world.

Bo ahmad

Bo ahmad

Kuwait, articles, debates & news

Maverick tanvir's journal

Personal blog of mohammed tanvir chowdhury


A blog about the important events in the history of the world. it covers the topics - revolts, civil wars, wars of independence, revolutions, current affairs, politics, crime, writers, poets, ...

Kennel vilavallarens

Kennel vilavallarens

Home of swdish vallhunds int ch fin agch fennican jonathan jovial and heds bellis de lux.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier kennel

Lalita - beautiful converging paths

Lalita - beautiful converging paths

It's about everything that attract my brain, my attention. it can be anything, from the falling leaves until rain, from book into music, from art into movies. its everything about life