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THE UNITED PHOENICIAN PARTY The United Phoenician Party offers a cure for the political disease and new step in the right direction to the multiple religious ethnical, sectarian,social factions that are currently fighting in Lebanon. The DNA and History of the modern Lebanese is a strong link to their ancestors, the Phoenicians. country and region.

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The road to khalistan

We are three khalsa women who write about sikh issues from our vatage point. two of us survived the antisikh riots of 1984. all of us had close relatives (sons, husbands, etc.) killed there. ...

Tipitaka network

Information on buddhism.

Bangsa malaysia

For a better malaysia

Unleased the power within

Unleashed the power within the power to be outstanding the power to shape our destiny

Knowledge and wisdom for the 21st century

Comprehensive reference source for many fields which will become of extreme importance as the 21st century gets fully underway. subjects include industry and commerce, banking and monetary ...

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Berita seputar hukum dan kriminal lampung

Aldaha gold

Website of small, family kennel.


We can do the right thing to create positive change within ourselves and the world around us! i have created this blog with the intention of keeping you informed of news that is affecting humanity ...

Review and analysis

Review and analysis we have reviews, articles from opinion columnists, news, comments, political and apolitical news. this is an independent non-aligned web blog ! we try to keep it positive ...