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Hope open bible of orlando (blogpot)

To inform, inspire and enlighten in a non-traditional way.

Hard to swallow

Hard to swallow

Mostly absurd thoughts about the god of the universe in loose senryu and tanka poetry. food for thought and discussion. brief comments on religious extremism, totalitarianism and other earthly ...

The road to khalistan

The road to khalistan

We are three khalsa women who write about sikh issues from our vatage point. two of us survived the antisikh riots of 1984. all of us had close relatives (sons, husbands, etc.) killed there. ...

Tipitaka network

Information on buddhism.

Pictures from bandung

This is a photoblogs about bandung, the capital city of west java, indonesia. since i like photography and blogging as well, i decided to make a photoblog about bandung so that i could share the ...

Quach dai ca

Đẹp trai, quyến rủ, gợi cảm, bốc lửa, cực hot, dễ thương, lanh lợi , vui vẻ, hòa đồng, chịu ...

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Hallo, apa khabar?

Hallo, apa khabar?

Assalamu'alaikum, wr. wb

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