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English education fantastic!

English education fantastic! *

You can efficient learn in tenses, grammatical, vocabulary, dialogs, kinds of expressing in english, story, exercises, quiz, education, opinion, study, learn, trick, text, writing letter

English story (type of text-kinds of text)

English story (type of text-kinds of text)

All about types of text; narratove, descriptive, spoof, hortatory, analitycal, etc.

Many englishes

This blog is devoted to the study of english as a second language. it has links to useful sites for teachers, students, and bloggers. entries range from postings about personal experiences ...

Mandarin&china-indonesia learning web

Mandarin&china-indonesia learning web

My page is designed to explore any knowledge&references about indonesia, china, regional coop, foreign language aid tools, and international politics analysis.

Journey with esperanto sachet

This is a research project of esperanto language.