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The Right To Sleep

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The Poor and Homeless face Human Rights violations by Governments and Police through sleep deprivation recognized as Torture and an Act of War. Corruption throughout the Justice system that willingly violates Natural Law.

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Psikologi *

All about social sciences, tips until people behaviorism

Kajian keislaman *

About islamic philosophy and theology of islam

Journal for reattach therapy and developmental ...

Journal for reattach therapists and developmental diversities (jrtdd) is a multidisciplinary, scholarly, peer reviewed, international, electronic journal.

This is my personal blog.

Life is like that

Life is like that

Practical comments on interesting questions in the buddhist perspective.

The study of common tauhid sience

Science study tauhid laymen is understanding of science lung tauhid for civilian in the effort maximizing value and quality of valuable religious service and behavior of hidayah

English knowledge

It is about english. english grammer , writing and reading in english.english conversation

Das venches

Das venches

All about communication science and rubber

New fashion models

More than 50% more women in the world really love the fashion to transform himself into a far more beautiful and charming, and here you can get a few tips and a collection of fashion images.



We have try give more difination about the different cultural of population in the world.