Indonesian Journal of Criminal Law (IJoCL)

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NDONESIAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW (IJoCL merupakan jurnal yang dikelola oleh Ilin Institute dengan ISSN: 2656-9922. Menerbitkan artikel dibidang Hukum Pidana, Pembaharuan Hukum Pidana, dan Kriminologi.

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Psikologi *

All about social sciences, tips until people behaviorism

Kajian keislaman *

About islamic philosophy and theology of islam

This is my personal blog.

Life is like that

Life is like that

Practical comments on interesting questions in the buddhist perspective.

The study of common tauhid sience

Science study tauhid laymen is understanding of science lung tauhid for civilian in the effort maximizing value and quality of valuable religious service and behavior of hidayah



Эдийн засгийн онол, практик

Poetry collection

Poetry collection

Best poems, poetry. hopefully can entertain the readers



We have try give more difination about the different cultural of population in the world.

Indonesian journal of international law

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The scope of the articles published in this journal deal with a broad range of topics in the fields of criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, international law, administrative law, islamic ...