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About ielts

Written below are the things you must know about the ielts writing task 1 (academic module): time: 20 minutes minimum number of words below are the ielts listening tips you'll need in order to get a ...

Michelle wonder

This site tells what is in michelle's mind. something intersting in darly life includes movie, book, music and trip.

The minangkabau

The minangkabau is fantastic... that blog tourism

Crappy photo blog

Photo rejects, blurry photos, crappy photos, posted by a group of amateur photographers from around the world.


My home, lovely, peaceful and nature

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Sankhu is in the kathmandu valley. in the valley, there are several historical settlements, such as kirtipur, handigaon, gokarna, lele, nagadesh, khokana, deopatan, sankhu, etc. sankhu is ...

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Its the place where people can get more information about anything you want.

Discover macedonia

Macedonia is a small country, rich in natural wonders and curiosities and with unspoilt nature as well! many call it "the pearl of the balkans" - its pearls are the magnificent lakes, the spas, ...

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Waterfall tourism

Amazing location waterfall tourism