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Pictures and videos from trips around the world

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My pictures, videos, stories and experiences from trips around the world. Mainly in Asia (China, Japan). Mes photos, vidéos, histoires et expériences culturelles issus de mes voyages autour du monde. Principalement en Asie (Chine, Japon)

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Informasi, wisata, pendidikan, sosial, budaya, bisnis, opini

Seven wonders of the world *

Complete information on tourism and travel in indonesia, jogjakarta, bali and lombok tourism and travel.

Welcome to salzburg

Salzburg info, weather, newsticker, radio scanner page, live webcams from salzburg at, links, icq pager.

Online postcode search is multilingual postal code information website. find postcodes of the world for 100+ and more than half million places

Riviera mayan transfer

Choosing a private transfer from cancun airport is highly recommended. for a very affordable price you'll obtain many advantages in return! you don't have to share the vehicle with any other party of ...


A reverie of curious, wandering and imbecile mind


Pictures and memories from more than thirty years trotting around the world... from lisbon to auckland, cape town to hawaii or beijing to buenos aires, it's not such a small world...

Zip travelling

A compact travelling guidance, tips and tricks

Irish taxi

Blog about my adventures as a taxi driver in dublin


Luang prabang 2 day