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Nichevo @ tumblr

A blog for music, men and more! excellent photography plus music, videos and commentary, publishing my view of the world from down texas way with an emphasis on hot hunks on display! also unique ...


Adventures of td, ted and their buddy's. excellent bear pics

Men planet

Gay blog with pics, musics, videos, news, opinions, bios and more...

Daily hunks

A blog featuring a hot guy for every day of the week. every saturday, seven new pictures will be available for your viewing and voting. at the end of the week the picture with the most votes will be ...


Dedicated to the man the most beautiful thing in the world they are the most noble and beautiful expression of nature in this blog, find the most beautiful, beautiful young males and muscles of ...

Dgc - dutch gay clubblog

The horniest gay movies, pics and sites !!

The naked geek

It's all about naked men and computer stuff- downloads and tutorial. yeah, the best of both worlds.

The homogenetics

The homogenetics celebrates the male form and beauty. the blog features high quality photos of male models, celebrities, and amateur men. the blog offers many exciting film, tv show, and music ...

The man of the evening

Art of nude man body

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