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Shalat malam

Shalat malam **

"dan, pada sebahagian malam hari salat tahajudlah kamu sebagai suatu ibadah tambahan bagimu, mudah-mudahan tuhan-mu mengangkat kamu ke tempat yang terpuji." (al-israa': 79).

Permata kehidupan

Permata kehidupan **

All about the truth and testimony of faith.

The life church and missions

The life church and missions

God is alive. he loves us and has never depart from us. yet, few know him. this result in endless suffering, agony, frustration, etc. we'd left his protection and are all bound by a powerful, ...

The hungering heart

The hungering heart

We all hunger, searching for something, for happiness ... but soon after we find it, we just hunger again. something is always missing. this hunger will never be satisfied. unless or until we find ...

The complete and holy gospel

Just as how the title sounded, the complete and holy gospel.