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History of the IDF tank corps since 1948

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Bacaan online khusus dewasa

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Indonesia militer, indonesia militer, indonesia militer

Berita hankam

Berita hankam **

Indonesia's military news and indonesia's industry military news

Viure a vallromanes

Politica, societat, esdevenimets, esports



Political ukraine laid bare. for those who care.

A nairobian perspective!

A nairobian perspective!

For the latest in depth analysis and opinion on current affairs, i.t, travel and entertainment in africa !

Amy brown

Amy brown

A selection of pictures of amy is regularly put on this blog so that her unlces, aunties and grand-parents can see her grow....

Black & white

Contemporary issues, comments and messages in black and white


Bible stories and more

Peaceful burma

Peaceful burma

To report and discuss suitable world news and the situation of burma in co-ordinate with other democratic burmese medias , especially to provide the japanese people with true burmese news in order ...