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Posts and commentary on the interfaces of news, politics, culture, philosophy, religion, and history from a perspective of the values that have historically grown throughout the western world: ...

Black & white

Contemporary issues, comments and messages in black and white

Kammi daerah riau

Ruang berbagi kader kammi daerah riau

Humanitarian service of the sri chinmoy centers intl.

Peaceful burma

Peaceful burma

To report and discuss suitable world news and the situation of burma in co-ordinate with other democratic burmese medias , especially to provide the japanese people with true burmese news in order ...


Persahabtan akan berati bila kita saling berbagi, baik pada saat kita saling terpuruk maupun pada saat kita bahagia ^_^

Yang lagi online

Negara yang lagi online

Sunrise in havana

Sunrise in havana

Blog about cuba and politics, from a cuban american perspective. liberty is the right of every man to be honest, to think and to speak without hypocrisy. jose marti

Day of resurrection

All about end of age or day of resurrection, whether the signs, fury of resurrection.

Indonesia blog

All about christianity, find god messages in this blog