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Opo jaremu

Gas station (fuel filling stations to general) is a public utility provided by pt. pertamina for the public to meet the fuel requirements. in general, gas station selling premium fuel type, diesel, ...



Gstu is the one and only largest and prestigious organization of government school teachers in is the organization of primary teachers, high school teachers, language teachers, higher ...

Oil and gas issues in asia

Alnalyze oil and gas problems in asia and indonesia

The blog that am! (a work by its author)

The blog our parents warned(!!) us about, written by an actual specimen of such persons our parents warned us about!! "don't read the headlines, read the blog that am!"


It signifies a shared topic or event which is currently popular and much discussed online.

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Aviation troubleshooting

Commercial aviation incidents & accidents

Ijp godong


Abuasiyat's blog

The blog is all about islamic teachings, health issues, inspiration, lifestyles and parenting.