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Astronomy Webcam Paradize and 3D

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An astronomy site with more than 200 000 visits from the date of creation. A lot of observations (many unique), pictures and videos especially about the Sun in h-alpha wavelength and the planets of the solar system. ISS high resolution tracking is developed too ! A place is reserved for 3D experiences and pictures including original approaches like the single-mirror and W3BPS systems ...

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Speed of light

Speed of light *

From general relativity we know that only in local inertial frames does the measured speed of light equals the nominal speed of light (299792.458km/sec).

Wcs - the home of webcamscheinern

Wcs is a software for fast polaralignment of astronomical mounts. you nail your alignment within 20 minutes!

Astronomy in service of islam

Astronomy in service of islam

Moonsighting, islamic calendar, prayer times, and qibla direction