Tulsa Gentleman

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A City Daily Photo Blog for Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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Informasi, wisata, pendidikan, sosial, budaya, bisnis, opini

Seven wonders of the world

Seven wonders of the world *

Complete information on tourism and travel in indonesia, jogjakarta, bali and lombok tourism and travel.

Online postcode search

Postcode.info is multilingual postal code information website. find postcodes of the world for 100+ and more than half million places


Live tour : let's enjoy holiday everyday!

Terra estrangeira

O que vê, o que vive, o que supreende em uma brasileira morando numa terra estrangeira, onde se fala outro idioma, onde a cultura e os costumes são tão diferentes. what it has seen, what it ...

American expat in the philippines, a writer ...

A website with a focus on historical, cultural, and touristic items of interest for visitors to the philippines.

Toronto photo blog

Toronto photo blog

Photos and stories related to toronto, ontario, canada



Luang prabang 2 day

Life in japan

Life in japan

a personal account of what day to day life in japan is like.

Incredible india

Incredible india

Introduction to the beautiful places, hills stations, beaches, cities of india..