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My poetry

Beading, my jewelry

Arts and crafts, card making and polymer clay .

Tahun 1989, pangeran edwardsyah pernong dinobatkan sebagai sai batin paksi buay pernong paksi pak skala brak, dengan gelar sultan pangeran raja selalau pemuka agung dengian paksi yang dipertuan ...

Bijuterii lucrate cu mult drag din diverse margele.

Walues: love, friendship, health, nature, faith. own photos, mainly from hungary. my poems (hungaryan language).

Cinta bersama blog is expression from our love for public to known..

India csodálatos világáról.

The most interesting and daring blog especially because of serial novel that publish twice a week. it's all about everything likes current issues, poem, world and holiday spot.

Fimo, origami, quilling, kusudama