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Odgajivačnica "shonski"

Breeder of swedish elkhound and finnish spitz. helthy, social dogs with good exterior and excellent huntingqualitys.

Vår kennel är inriktad på hovawart och målet är en vacker brukshund med stor personlighet. vi har haft hovawart sedan 1989 och har just haft vår f-kull samt g-kullen är planerad till 2012.

Web page of the "dreamworld" cavy breeding station in the czech republic. breeding of highbred expositional guinea pigs mainly the peruvian bred in chocolate colour combinations. member of the czech ...

Yorkshire terrier kennel.

The official site of samoyed kennel "nox-poli" from croatia

Very good homepage about golden retriever and pomeranian!

Kennel santander: long-haired dachshunds miniature- and rabbit′s, bitches, pups, and also the long-haired miniature-dachshund nash della canterana - vice the winner of the world - ...

The long-haired dachshund miniature- and rabbit′s - long-haired dachshunds miniature- and rabbit′s the kennel of elsanta, novelties, dogs, bitches, litters, exhibitions, thin lines ...

Biewer yorkshire terrier & yorkshire terrier