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We are small kennel located in czech republic.

Breeder of swedish elkhound and finnish spitz. helthy, social dogs with good exterior and excellent huntingqualitys.

Cavy breeding station in the czech republic. we are breeding and showing ch-teddy, us-teddy, coronet and sheltie

Breeder of malinois, tervueren and groenendael

Vår kennel är inriktad på hovawart och målet är en vacker brukshund med stor personlighet. vi har haft hovawart sedan 1989 och har just haft vår f-kull samt g-kullen är planerad till 2012.

Web sites about peruvian hairless dog, sphynx and other animals in czech republic. sites are actualized minimally two times to week. you can find here hundreds of colored pictures and more...

Mastin de los pirineos

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Us teddy in silberagouti