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It's all about crafts

My passion is to create jewelries from beads and pearls. it would be interesting to know how many people and from which countries they visit my blog to see my creations.

I love craft and traveling. i made a lot of difrent things and like po photograph them. i have 2 doughters and i like write abouth them.

Glass painting, mosaics and decoration on objects

Sajian artikel, dalil dan daftar harga rebana, marawis, gendang, bedug, drum, rumus hadrah dan tips pemeliharaannya

Vuna i konac, pletenje ili štrikanje, heklanje, kukičanje ili kačkanje, recikliranje. sheme i ideje za šešire, kape, rukavice, šalove, papuče, suknje, veste, ogrtače, narukvice, ...