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నా తెలంగాణ కోటి రత్నాల వీణ

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తెలంగాణ పద్య సాహిత్యం

arts literature


Various, poems, fiction, anthropology

A blog about children literature and chinese language usage

Tamil kavithaikal

Saját verseim, írásaim...stb.

Calaix de poesies en llengua catalana

It is self created literary blog.

Blog literarnih i ostalih radova

Saivism is the world oldest religion and still it is followed by people of south-asia, mostly including north and east part of srilanka, and allover the india. it is not formed by just one person, ...

A personal poetry blog of poet vinay prajapati 'nazar' where you can his nazm(s).

Blog de creación propia