leisures pets


A small kennel of english bulldogs "albiono stebuklas" from lithuania.

Little true friend kennel is a small english cocker spaniel kennel in hungary. we are breeding not quantity but quality.

Chinese crested dog - puppies

Milamurbengals is a small home cattery. our bengal cats are beloved members of our family....

Home of quality american staffordshire terriers from hungary.

Stránky věnované plemeni kavkazský pastevecký pes. caucasian ovcharka web sites. male - cingis nufira, female - fantasia ksiezyc pamiru and azra cor ad flamma

Us teddy in silberagouti

Yorkshire terrier kennel.

Breeding berger des pyrenees normale and face rase, aktuel puppies, stud male, shows, breeding zucht berger des pyrenees -pyrenaen schaferhund langhair und kurz hair, welpen , deckenrüde, ...

Breeding station branco piccolo kennels both long- and short-haired chihuahuas in many color variations. it seats in náchod in the czech republic, but puppies from branco piccolo are spread all ...