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Kennel santander: long-haired dachshunds miniature- and rabbit′s, bitches, pups, and also the long-haired miniature-dachshund nash della canterana - vice the winner of the world - ...

The long-haired dachshund miniature- and rabbit′s - long-haired dachshunds miniature- and rabbit′s the kennel of elsanta, novelties, dogs, bitches, litters, exhibitions, thin lines ...

Biewer yorkshire terrier & yorkshire terrier

Adoelle - hodowla świętych kotów birmańskich

The nursery " soft kiss " offers, british and scottish fold , exotic and persian kittens, show and breeding class , lynx point , silver , tabby , (cpc) , are brought perfectly up, all ...

Hodowla chinskich grzywaczy / chinese crested kennel

The hungarian white rasta puli kennel presentation

Yorkshire-terrier kennel

Wyżeł weimarski, szczeniaki, informacje na temat rasy. hodowla wyżłów weimarskich carski trakt. serdecznie zapraszamy

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