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Do you love squirrels? or dormices? this is your site! everything from these animals (and some more) and game, and much more!!! funny place for you and for your favorite pet!!! :-) 1. squirrel ...

Welcome to vistit my homepage www.belgervitesse.se. i breed tervuren, parson russel terrier and border collie.

Chinese crested dogs - chatan taijan mahtob, lampion pink od chlpíků. curly coated retriever - atomino alby from hofion. weimaranen longhaired - inka z korunova dola

Website about whippets born in poland, exported or imported to poland. a lot of photos, show results, information about breeders and puppies, list of stud dogs and champions, pedigrees. more ...

Cavy breeding station in the czech republic. we are breeding and showing ch-teddy, us-teddy, coronet and sheltie

Dit weblog maakt deel uit van de website van de pekingees- en dwergspanielclub. de content valt buiten de verantwoording van de rasvereniging

Pudl velký černý standard poodle in black caniche grand noir barboni gigante

Saluki ezra bostan - i - elbekh

Vår kennel är inriktad på hovawart och målet är en vacker brukshund med stor personlighet. vi har haft hovawart sedan 1989 och har just haft vår f-kull samt g-kullen är planerad till 2012.