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leisures hobbies


Live weather, live ais, live webcams and photos... welcome to our site!!

Things i like, things i hate, things i'm impressed by. my life.

Blog dedicated especially to bisaya people that are locals in philippines, written more on local dialect that has funny and interesting post anything under the sun. jokes, songs, and lots for ...

A blog in turkish about vegan style of life

Hovawart kennel - anna pieczynska - int. ch. aggy oldtyr & int. ch. conny vom ascona & avrafastes dottir

Beadwork, basket making, decoupage, wire jewellery and more.

Prashant pandya's phila jagat is the first hindi blog for philately. this is an effort to provide philatelic information in indian national language through my blog.

This is my 2nd blog, i want to move from blogdrive to blogspot because it gives more feature.

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My website is for showing my pps files.